why sail?

SAIL is an authoritative and trustworthy NIL educational resource for athletic departments and its student-athletes, coaches, and staff. Our team is uniquely qualified to help student-athletes understand their full NIL potential by providing them with the tools needed to maximize this opportunity within the confines of current rules and regulations.

Our only goal is to prepare athletic departments & athletes

Athletic Departments will undoubtedly want to provide their student-athletes with the resources and knowledge to make the best-informed decisions they can when it comes to their use of NIL. Based on that premise, our role is to act as a strategic resource for Athletic Departments by operating in a completely neutral manner, and only with the student-athlete’s best interest in mind.

Our Role:

  • To serve as the unbiased, third-party administrator for education related services for the student-athlete.
  • To be a resource for Compliance to filter potential pitfalls and discuss and analyze questions, issues, and different situations that may arise.
  • To become a value-add service and point of difference when it comes to recruiting.

Our Commitment:

We are not athlete/player agents

As an independent company, we have no ties to agencies and representatives who may one day be employed by the student-athlete

We are not seeking to broker any business relationship for the student athlete. Our program is designed with the student-athlete’s interest at heart, to ensure they make the most informed decisions as possible and help them sail into their future.

We are completely unbiased to the situation, unencumbered by any potential conflict by outside influences. We are client-centric and only concerned with the needs of the university, the Athletic Department, and the student-athletes.

Our Advantage:

More than 30 universities have hired our companies to assist with projects pertaining to naming rights valuation and sales, revenue generation planning, sponsorship maximization, messaging, media relations and social media marketing.

We know both sides of the table. For the past 14 years we have negotiated over 1,000 contracts with active and retired professional athletes on behalf of our corporate clients that contain intellectual property and marketing assets that pertain to name, image and likeness.  Conversely, we have negotiated strategic partnerships with corporate entities on behalf of our clients that are athletes.

With public relations professionals as part of the team, we understand the importance of protecting images and have a deep understanding of the enhanced digital landscape when it comes to personal and professional behavior. We help to position the athlete for their 40 years outside of the collegiate sphere, not just the 4 years that they are in it.

Hear it from us!

Why is this

The NCAA Working Group has further recommended that “guardrails” need to be established to provide rules and regulations around student-athlete NIL use. The guardrails are to ensure:


  • Conferences and schools play no role in student-athletes NIL activities.
  • Boosters do not use this new opportunity for student-athletes as a way to induce recruitment and other non-permitted uses.
  • Regulation of agents and student advisors.