With its April 29, 2020 announcement, the NCAA Board of Governors Working Group has recommended that all Divisions of NCAA Athletics should permit student-athletes to profit from certain uses of their individual name, image and likeness (NIL).

The proposed changes will allow student-athletes to be financially compensated for third party endorsements and their own work-product or other business activity. Our advisory program educates around the following activities under NIL rights:

1. Third Party endorsements including:

social media

Commercial products

Personal appearances

Autograph signings

2. Their own work-product or other business activity:

camps &

Work or Invention 

Books or manuscripts

gaming or


These new measures will open a proverbial “Pandora’s Box” of implications for Athletic Departments, College and Universities, and their student-athletes.

What’s next
for Athletic Departments?

A critical aspect that will need to be addressed is how to provide effective educational resources to the student-athlete on this subject matter.